Basedi Learnership and Internship Programme 2021

Basedi is a professionals Training Facility that aims to uplift the South African youth with knowledge and skills in order to access the workforce and market themselves as employment seekers or sustainable job creators for themselves and others.

We have a simple motto that says: “many are called, yet few are chosen” and that by developing your knowledge and practicing it, creates experience and ultimately cultivates a skill you can use in moving from a seed to a CEO.

What we do at Basedi

We apply private funding from a group of our companies within and from outside our network to sponsor students with a basic education program in agriculture in order to teach students how to produce, manufacture and supply to the consumer as this is the basic chain of the economy which are necessary to be partakers of personal & social growth and success.

We provide students with resources such as data and tablets to enable those students to complete a 12 month course in agriculture.

When completing and passing weekly tests an incentive of R 500 is paid to a student after every three months, payable in the four-month, for every 12 tests passed.

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