First National Bank Pretoria

By | December 5, 2018

First National Bank Pretoria, FNB is the oldest bank in South Africa, and can be traced back to the Eastern Province Bank formed in Grahamstown in 1838. Today, FNB trades as a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. When looking at FNB’s history, two things in particular stand out. The first is a story of survival – different circumstances in South Africa have posed many great challenges in our history, all of which FNB has successfully met. This track record provides a strong foundation for our future challenges. The second is a story of people – our history has always been firmly influenced by the needs of the people we serve.

Physical Address

206 Church St,


Postal Address

PO Box 414,

Business hours

Monday – Friday
8.00 – 15.30
8.00 – 11.00