Telkom IT Networking Apprenticeship Programme 2019

By | November 13, 2018

Telkom IT Networking Apprenticeship Programme 2019

Telkom IT Networking Apprenticeship Programme 2019, Telkom invites applicants to apply for the 2019 IT Networking apprenticeship programme.  Interested applicants should look out for the qualifications and other salient information below before appying.

  • Perform duties in the allocated technical work phase of the Openserve network to ensure a positive customer experience and to attend the relevant development path as required.
  • Network (All Openserve Network Operations work phases)
  • Center Operations (FAMC, Surveillance etc.)
  • National Engineering

Functional Knowledge

  • Openserve network and elements; Products and services; Company Policies and Procedures; Test Equipment; Telkom systems; Relevant legislation

Functional Skills

  • Communicating; Computer Literacy; Hand/ Eye Coordination; Planning; Problem Solving; Administration; Analytical; Interpersonal; Report Writing; Techniques; Analytical; Problem Solving

Attitudes/ Leadership Behaviour

  • Accountability; Accurate; Confident; Continuous Performance Improvement; Conscientious; Customer orientated; Diligence; Honesty; Initiative; Proactive; Respect; Tactful; Teamwork; Trustworthy; Proactive; Quality Awareness; Responsible; Team Player; Adaptable

Job Responsibilities
Receive job request/ instruction

  • Analyse request
  • Obtain resources
  • Liaise with key role players
  • Execute request/ project
  • Interrogate and update systems
  • Ensure compliance to quality processes
  • Feedback and Communication to relevant role players
  • Attend to administration requirements
  • Comply with Policies/ Compliances
  • Comply with Work Methods and Procedures/ Work instructions
  • Attend training and development interventions


  • Internship N6 Certificate / Completed S4 level subjects – 1 Year relevant experience


  • 1 Year relevant experience

Special Requirements

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Prepared to work in all weather conditions 
  • Prepared to work in confined spaces and at heights 
  • Masts & tower climbing – fall arrest, rescue & rope access skills where required
  • Not colour blind
  • Able to work in all areas
  • Able to travel and stay out
  • Able to work after hours, including overtime, call out and stand-by
  • Able to function in stressful environment

Closing Date: 16 November 2018 Location: Pretoria

How To Apply

Apply Online for the Telkom IT Networking Learnership Programme